Custom orthotic for your feet and lifestyle


Chances are you\’ve seen orthotics advertised on television or at a store. Orthotics Toronto are inserts that you place in your sneakers or shoes to alleviate all sorts of body pains. Custom orthotics are different from regular shoe inserts in the fact that they are prescribed by a doctor. They are also constructed for your own feet.

The majority of custom orthotics are meant to treat specific foot ailments including general foot pain and flat arches. Yet they can also be prescribed to those who experience all sorts of body pains including pains in the legs and even hip pain. The level of cushioning provided for your feet will go a long way in determine how well supported and comfortable the rest of your body is.

Custom orthotics come in a variety of types. They are available as arch supports for individuals who suffer from flat feet, high arches or low arches. This style of custom orthotic has an elevated appearance that is designed to provide extra support for the arch of the foot. Custom orthotics are also available as insoles. These slip into footwear to add general support and comfort. Insoles are typically constructed with either plastic or foam. 

Custom orthotics are sold in the form of heel liners as well. These are commonly referred to as heel pads. They add cushioning to the heel and are especially helpful for those who experience foot pain due to the natural thinning of the heel over time. Individuals whose sneakers or shoes rub against their toes and heels can also benefit from custom orthotics in the form of foot cushions. These provide a protective barrier between your foot and your footwear.

No matter what type of custom orthotic your foot requires, it will be tailored specifically to your feet in order to alleviate your unique pain. They aren\’t crafted until a podiatrist has extensively studied your feet as well as your ankles and legs. Not only are they designed for only your feet but they are created for the unique way in which you move. 

There are two major categories of custom orthotics. The first is functional orthotics. These are meant to control motions that are irregular in order to prevent further pain. Yet they are also used to treat tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and many other injuries. Most are made of either graphite or plastic. The second category is accommodative orthotics. These are much softer and offer extra support and comfort. Accommodative orthotics are specifically designed to alleviate the pain associated with calluses, foot ulcers and other painful foot maladies.


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