Hypoallergenic and Health Benefits of a soft silk pillow


The best kept health and beauty secret is also the most affordable. Ever notice the perpetual youthfulness of Asian women? Well, the secret isn\’t just great genetics. Asian women have long understood the benefits of sleeping on a quality silk pillowcase to prevent signs of aging, blemishes, and uncomfortable skin conditions. 

Natural and Hypoallergenic
Domesticated silkworms are bred in captivity and therefore do not require chemical or toxic substances to ward off diseases or predators. When you use a quality silk pillowcase, you are ensuring that nothing is coming between your skin and nature. Many individuals with sensitive skin report smoother complexions and less irritation when sleeping on silk versus other fabrics. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic. It is impermeable to dust mites and resists fungal growths and molds – all top triggers for allergies. Do you suffer from a chronic stuffy nose at night? A silk pillowcase maybe the answer to a better night\’s sleep. 

Your skin\’s new best friend
You spend big bucks on fancy face moisturizers and eye creams just to have them absorb into your cotton pillowcase while you sleep. A silk pillowcase is naturally less absorbent than other fibers, so moisture stays where it is supposed to be – on your skin. More moisture equals less fine lines. Ever woken up with a pillowcase crease imprint on your face? It\’s a sure sign that you are rapidly losing skin elasticity while you sleep. Opting for a silk pillowcase eliminates sleep lines, creases, and wrinkles so you wake up with a healthy glow. 

Don\’t forget about healthy, youthful tresses
Silk pillowcases do wonders for your hair. Hate split ends? Reduce frizz, split ends, and the notorious \’bed head\’ look by using a silk pillowcase. Just like the benefits for your skin, silk also helps your hair retain its natural moisture, volume, and flexibility. Eliminate breakage by sleeping on silk. 

It\’s getting hot in here!
Another unknown benefit of the silk pillowcase is it\’s cooling properties. Lightweight and breathable, pure silk guarantees you\’re always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow. Menopause and other hormonal changes can disrupt sleep and cause discomfort. Sleeping on silk keeps you cool as a cucumber so you can wake up refreshed.

Not only are there a myriad of great health and beauty benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, but also there is the sheer luxury of sleeping on silk!


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